Welcome to Allied Bolt Products, LLC

Founded in 1955, Allied Bolt continues to provide both innovative and cost-effective solutions in outside plant hardware for telecommunication and utility providers. By utilizing the latest technologies in manufacturing, Allied Bolt’s outside plant products are constructed for longevity and easy operation. The expansive outside plant product offering can be grouped into nine categories; Earth Anchors, Poleline Hardware, Aerial Drop Hardware, Drop Attachments, Grounding Hardware, Banding, Tools, Anchors, and Fasteners. Allied Bolt also services electrical distributors and retail stores with commercial fasteners and specialized hardware that are available in many packaging forms and point of purchase displays.


Image descriptionTelecommunications

From Bonding & Grounding Products to Drop Hardware & Poleline Hardware Allied Bolt maintains large inventories

Allied Bolt continues to be a primary supplier for the Telecommunications industry. Many of the items in the Allied Bolt product offering have been standards of Telecommunication providers for over fifty years.  more »

Image descriptionRetail

Allied Bolt’s Retail Fastener Program

An array of packaging options is available (ie; plastic jars, plastics boxes, blister packaging, poly bags, chipboard boxes, plastic tubes, etc…). Retailers choose the best packaging solution for their needs.   more »

Image descriptionPower Utility

Poleline Hardware, Construction Fasteners, and Grounding Hardware

Poleline Hardware is independently tested to meet both ASTM and IEEE specifications. Materials and processes used in manufacturing Poleline Hardware meet AISI/ASTM Specifications.  more »


Image descriptionOEM

Allied Bolt provides OEMs with an array of products and services

The design and engineering group can quickly convert customer conceptions into detailed blueprints and functional models.   more »