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    • For use in rotary hammer machines equipped with a SDS-Plus type chuck.
    • The head has four cutting faces that reduces vibration up to 60% and noise up to 30%.
    • Four-way head allows easy spotting and rounder holes.
    • Fluting is formed with a taper core and progressive angle alignment. The flute angle begins behind the head at a flat angle and progresses to a steep angle at the shank end.
    • The taper core improves the transmission of impact energy tothe bit tip for faster drilling.
    • The shaft is annealed to prevent breakage.
    • Special tungsten carbide tip.
    • Copper silver brazing of carbide head.
    • Double spiral for fastest debris removal.
    • Suitable for masonry, stone, brick and aggregates.

Standard Packaging Information

Part # Description Pkg Qty Pkg Per Carton Carton Weight
58109 7/8" X 18" SDS-PLUS X-CUTTER HAMMER DRILL BIT 2 1 23

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